Getting Smashed (Up) with Smash Up


What happens when you take every trope in gaming, from pirates and zombies to aliens and wizards, throw them together in a box, and declare all-out war? Unlikely alliances are forged and the fight gets brutal. In Smash-Up, from AEG, each faction has its own deck of twenty cards. Each player chooses two factions, shuffles them … Read more…


Kill Your Whole Family… and Laugh About It


All you game designers out there, listen up; you can take a lesson or two from this week’s Game & Beer Pairing. This time around, we played Gloom by Atlas Games. In Gloom, each player controls a family of dour souls bent on dying in the most tragic ways possible. For example, one of the families … Read more…

Killing Bunnies Drove Us to Drink


Okay, we have to admit, we sort of reverse-engineered this one. We were moseying around our local beer vendor when we came across—no kidding—a carrot cake beer. What would you do if you were us? You’d buy it. And then you’d find a game to pair with it, because that’s why we drink (mostly). So … Read more…