Getting Smashed (Up) with Smash Up


What happens when you take every trope in gaming, from pirates and zombies to aliens and wizards, throw them together in a box, and declare all-out war? Unlikely alliances are forged and the fight gets brutal. In Smash-Up, from AEG, each faction has its own deck of twenty cards. Each player chooses two factions, shuffles them … Read more…


Avast! We be plunderin’ booty (and other pirate nonsense)


Pirates are awesome. At least, the romanticized version of pirates—sailin’ the high seas, pillagin’ and plunderin’ and scrimshawin’ and shawshankin’… or whatever—are awesome. Pirate’s Cove by Days of Wonder does a good job of including all of the best aspects of being a pirate, covering everything from annoying parrots to mutiny to firing volleys of … Read more…