Tryouts for the Bloodthirsty Cheerleading Squad


They say, “Don’t judge a game by its cover,” but we couldn’t help ourselves—as soon as we saw the box art for Three Cheers for Master, we knew we had to put it in a Game & Beer Pairing. There’s just something terribly appealing about the silhouette art style, the random blood spatters, and the vicious … Read more…


Goin’ Hog-Wild with Pork Chopper


For this week’s Game & Beer Pairing, we chose a game that holds a special place on our shelf. We got to see Hogger Logger develop in various ways over a period of about two years before it successfully Kickstartered in 2014. We’ve come to call the designers friends (and even got a private close-up magic … Read more…

Kill Your Whole Family… and Laugh About It


All you game designers out there, listen up; you can take a lesson or two from this week’s Game & Beer Pairing. This time around, we played Gloom by Atlas Games. In Gloom, each player controls a family of dour souls bent on dying in the most tragic ways possible. For example, one of the families … Read more…