Oh, it’s Forbidden? Let’s Do it Anyway.


Forbidden Island has become such a classic in our eyes that it’s hard to believe it came out only six years ago. The mechanics are unique, the art is beautiful, and the game requires some serious strategizing and cooperation. Like Catan or Ticket to Ride, Forbidden Island is just one of those games that every … Read more…


Dead, Alive, or Out on a Beer Run?


When Erwin Schrödinger is away, his cats come out to play… and they’re also physicists. That’s the idea behind Schrödinger’s Cats, a bluffing/deduction game from Ninth Level Games, creators of the popular RPG Kobolds Ate My Baby (“All hail King Torg!”), and the subject of this week’s Game & Beer Pairing. As cat physicists, players replicate … Read more…