Tiny Games and Tiny Beer = Big Fun and Epic BAC


The old adage says, “Good things come in small packages,” and that holds true for our Game & Beer Pairing this week, a trio of Tiny Epic games from Gamelyn Games and some Tiny epic beer. As Sir Gamelyn puts it, they create “Tiny Epic experiences one thought-provoking adventure at a time.” Tiny Epic Defenders … Read more…


Slapping Salmon, Eating Squid and Plucking Blondes from the River


What’s better than drinking a beer sporting an illustrated Marilyn Monroe fish? Why, playing a couple of fish-based games at the same time, of course! Being fans of unusual, intriguing packaging, we couldn’t help but pick up the strangely-alluring Babbling Blonde by Rivertowne Brewing of Pittsburgh for this week’s Game & Beer Pairing. To complete … Read more…

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Train Beer for a Train Game

Welcome to Boards & Lager. It happened, as many things seem to, by a combination of circumstance, opportunity, and alcohol. A childhood love of TCGs and RPGs became an interest in tabletop gaming, and eventually a hobby (because, as George Carlin pointed out, “Interests are free; hobbies cost money”), and later, a business, and therefore, … Read more…