Getting Smashed (Up) with Smash Up


What happens when you take every trope in gaming, from pirates and zombies to aliens and wizards, throw them together in a box, and declare all-out war? Unlikely alliances are forged and the fight gets brutal. In Smash-Up, from AEG, each faction has its own deck of twenty cards. Each player chooses two factions, shuffles them … Read more…


The Bullfrog Croaks; the Hoppin’ Frog Wobbles


Lately we’ve been playing a lot of games that rely fairly heavily on luck, so we’ve been craving something with a bit more strategy in our Game & Beer Pairings, something in which players have more control over the outcome. You know, like chess… except not chess. Bullfrogs by Thunderworks Games fits that bill perfectly. … Read more…

Tiny Games and Tiny Beer = Big Fun and Epic BAC


The old adage says, “Good things come in small packages,” and that holds true for our Game & Beer Pairing this week, a trio of Tiny Epic games from Gamelyn Games and some Tiny epic beer. As Sir Gamelyn puts it, they create “Tiny Epic experiences one thought-provoking adventure at a time.” Tiny Epic Defenders … Read more…